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HR Tech Consulting

Reveal the capabilities | Realize the potential

Sunhris is your trusted HRIS expert

We believe in "Software-as-a-Supplement" because technology should enrich human interaction, not replace it. When the right HR tech augments the right processes, everyone thrives.


Whether you need help selecting your next HRIS or building out the one you have, we will empower you to meet the needs of your stakeholders and stay true to your company culture.

Through our partnership we will gain a deep understanding of your organization's needs to enable and support an authentic employee experience supplemented by HR tech.

We're geeks about all HR tech:

HRIS, HRMS, HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Wellness, Time & Attendance, Recruiting & Onboarding, Talent & Performance Management, Learning & Development, Rewards & Recognition, HR Service Management, Engagement, Pulse Surveys, and Analytics.

Sunrise + HRIS


A sunrise reaches its full glory when the sky's hues are rich and varied; when its light touches every peak and valley so that we all shine.



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Identify gaps and connect the dots of your current HR tech landscape


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Trust in your investment through tailored demos and negotiation guidance


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Achieve milestones as a team without sacrificing your vision


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Expand your capabilities and take your HR tech to the next level


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Retain specialized HRIS support when you need it most

Specialized HRIS support:

Project Management


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