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Is your organization truly taking full advantage of its HR tech? Did the features shown in the demo disappear as soon as you signed the contract? Why do all of these processes still feel so redundant?


We'll perform a diagnostic of your HR software, processes, and roles to provide a holistic view of current usage and improvement opportunities across one or many platforms. Our recommendations will set you up with a tech strategy that supports your HR agenda.

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Choosing a new HRIS or point solution is time consuming. There are many enticing solutions on the market, but not all will meet the specific requirements of your organization or vibe with your company culture.

From gate keeping and vendor management to demo facilitation and contract negotiation, we will help match you. Our tailored approach considers your unique criteria, partnership standards, and price points to allow for a true evaluation of business critical scenarios.

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In the HR realm, our reasons for standing up a new solution or rolling out new processes are driven by urgency. In that rush to hit deadlines, companies risk sacrificing the very functionality that persuaded them to make the switch.


Let us lead the charge. We will manage and prioritize the many moving pieces to build the solution you envisioned. Together with your team, we will deliver pre-Go-Live assurances through configuration, data validation, testing, standard operating procedures, and user preparedness.

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HR tech is often not used to its full potential due to a lack of time or resources to explore capabilities. There may be unfamiliarity with new features issued in the latest software release or perhaps a mounting backlog from implementation that has never been revisited.

HR tech is always evolving and with that there is a continuous need and opportunity to optimize the software. We will explore and build out additional features or enhance existing functionality to match your strategic HR vision.

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Each year, projects come up that require dedicated HR tech expertise. Through retained services, we will be available when you need it most to assist with special projects or continued optimization efforts. We can help roll out new components of your tech, create custom reports, configure security settings, or pilot new programs.


We offer specialized support for your initiatives with a focus on leading, supplementing, and mentoring your team to help achieve your goals.

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